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Welcome to the home of the Princess Connect! Re:Dive mapping project. Our goal is getting most, if not all reasonably mappable songs from the franchise onto osu!. All modes are welcome!

⚠️ Things are still heavily work in progress! Don't expect things to be structured for a long time, if ever.

Current members:

We're always looking for new people! If you're interested, contact tilda to get in. Note: Manual signups are temporary - it will be automated in the future.


FYI: Song files in decent quality are available upon request from tilda - they aren't linked here for obvious reasons.

Official album listing (Japanese)

Lists all released music albums from the franchise, including anime & game OST as well as character songs. Also includes links to primary metadata sources from the label.

Franchise on VGMdb

Serves the same purpose as the official site for the most part, but may prove to be a little more accessible. Has Romaji/English song titles available.

Official "fankits" (Japanese)

Official event backgrounds (1080p). Can ease your search for backgrounds if you're mapping those songs, just make sure you know what you're looking for.

Participation banner:

Note: Non-members of the project are allowed to use this banner on mapsets where applicable.

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The art used was drawn by るみこ!

Full sized 'osu! needs more Princess Connect! Re:Dive' banner

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For people who need some extra vertical space in their description - here's a version without the bottom text!

Slightly smaller 'osu! needs more Princess Connect! Re:Dive' banner
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